Neulog Pulley Kit

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470229-978KT 86.2 CAD
Neulog Pulley Kit
Data Loggers
Hardware to conduct pulley experiments with NeuLog sensors.

  • Provides students with a visual and hands on learning experience!
  • Illustrates the differences between fixed a fixed pulley, a compound pulley and a moveable pulley
  • NOT INCLUDED: Neulog force sensor logger (item number NUL211)
  • Kit comes with comprehensive instructions and detailed experiment guide
  • 23 inch operational height, stable 16×6" base
This kit allows the user to study general properties of fixed pulleys, movable pulleys and compound pulleys. It requires the purchase of the Neulog force logger sensor (NUL211) and provides beautifully illustrative data that allows students to learn about the complexities and differences in different pulley times in a manner that combines visual learning with hands on experimenting.

Ordering information: Kit contains 35 cm track, 2 track legs, 2×20" rods, 2 track riders, 2 boss heads, 2×100g slotted masses rod with perpendicular pulley with hook thread instructions and detailed experiment guide.

Caution: For educational use only.