Ray Optics Kit

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470230-208KT 327.6 CAD
Ray Optics Kit
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Optics Learning Activities
Economical kit for ray optics experiments and demonstrations.

  • Useful, economical kit for constructing optics demonstrations
  • Developed to provide the maximum versatility in ray optics curriculum
  • Can be used on any flat table top
A versatile kit for table top ray optics experiments and demonstrations. Possible investigatons include linear propagation of light rays, focusing of rays by cylindrical lenses, focusing of multiple rays showing aberration, law of reflection, and laws of refraction.

Ordering information: Instruction manual NOT included. Required, not included: (2) Power Supplies, 470014-352 - DC battery eliminator, 1 Amp. Power supply required for use, used to power the lamps (12v 2A) AC or DC can be used (product recommendation 470016-030 - AC/DC 12 V Power Supply).

Delivery information: Kit contains: (2) 12V/24W lamps (power supply not included), (1) pair of housing shields, (2) combined single and triple slit plates, (2) multiple slit combs, (2) holders for combs and slit plates, (4) wooden light barriers, (4) plano cylindrical lenses + 7 D, (2) plano cylindrical lenses +10 D, (2) plano cylindrical lenses +17 D, (2) Plano cylindrical lenses -17 D.