Specific Heat Cylinders Set

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470230-182EA 67.85 CAD
Specific Heat Cylinders Set
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Heat/Thermodynamics Learning Activities
Metal cylinder set for demonstrating density investigation and specific heat experiments.

  • Specific heat cylinders in beautiful wooden storage block
  • Six pieces: copper, lead, brass, zinc, iron, aluminum
  • 38x9.5mm dia. cylinders in a 5" x 1.25" x 1" storage block
  • Use to study the measurable amount of heat required to alter an objects temperature
  • Cylinders have holes drilled in them for easy hands free use
This beautifully crafted set contains six cylinders, 38x9.5mm each. The set is comprised of lead, copper, brass, zinc, iron and aluminum and comes in a premium wooden block for storage and display. Great for the classroom and home. Use for the study of specific heat across a spectrum of objects by determining the amount of heat required to elevate the temperature of an object's mass by 1 Kelvin.