Earth Place in the Universe

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Earth Place in the Universe
Educational Materials Earth Science Educational Materials Astronomy Learning Activities
Everything you need to address NGSS 5-ESS1 and MS-ESS1: Earth’s Place in the Universe. The Extended Unit Plan includes modules on the Solar System, Sun, Moon, planets, and stars.

  • Eight hands-on activities with clear procedures, worksheets, data tables, and assessments
  • Seven segments of background information that may be assigned as reading and/or used to support in-class discussions
  • Six interactive assessments and projects
  • Teachers guides with answer keys
  • Extension ideas for expanding beyond the activities
Extra features include a reflection activity to meld unit themes together and a universal quiz. There are enough materials to support 15 student groups and the lessons can be taught over days, weeks or the full school year. Most materials are reusable. Materials include plastic hemisphere domes for tracking sun position, compasses, star finders, moon models for tracking phase, and materials to create scale models of planets and constellations. The Expanded Unit Plan connects in-class activities and themes to real-world outdoor observations.