Somso® Urological Practice Model

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Somso® Urological Practice Model
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Practice in multiple positions.

  • 5 Different Prostate Conditions
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Practice in multiple positions and angles
An urological practice model that allows rectal examinations and palpation of the testicles to be learned under true-to-life conditions. 5 different changes in the prostate can be felt in the anus after insertion of the fingers.

1. a normal prostate
2. the beginning of carcinoma
3. widespread carcinoma
4. adenoma of the prostate
5. congestion of the prostate

The different prostate models are mounted on a swivel plate so that the person investigating can feel five different prostate changes in one operation. In testicle palpation, the testicles themselves, the epididymis and the spermatic cord can be felt. On one testicle, a hardening can be felt as in carcinoma of the testicle. Feeling of testicles can also be demonstrated to the layman for early detection of cancer of the testicles. The urological model can greatly facilitate teaching the technique of rectal palpation and allows the comparison of different findings. The student and trainee doctor become familiar with the main rectal palpation findings.