Somso® Broncho-Boy II Trainer

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Somso® Broncho-Boy II Trainer
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More Advanced bronchoscopy practice.

  • Allows for practice of autoflourescent bronchoscopy
  • Provides audio feedback
Universal Bronchoscopy and Anesthesiology Trainer produced in co-operation with Prof. Dr. J. A. Nakhosteen. Life-sized, in plastic. While retaining the life-like anatomical features of the original, the Broncho-Boy II incorporates a number of innovations enabling its use in a variety of training settings.

1. Retroflexion and left-right rotation of the head for laryngoscopic, orotracheal and bronchoscopic intubation.
2. Acoustic warning signal if excessive pressure exerted on upper teeth by rigid tube or laryngoscope
3. Slightly widened and softer nasal passages for fibre-optic guided, naso-tracheal intubation; reduced danger of damage to sheath.
4. Interchangeable, membrane-connected bladders (Broncho-Boy II AN) enabling stethoscopic confirmation of ET-tube placement.
5. New, spring-based supports for tracheobronchial tree, increasing pliability, reducing likelihood of bronchoscope damage.
6. Exchangeable fluorescent tracheo-bronchial system with »cold« areas of reduced fluorescence for practising autofluorescent bronchoscopy.

1. SCOPIN Broncho Boy II CLA 9/7 with head in movable assembly.
2. Warning signal emitter in upper jaw, nasopharynx, tracheobronchial tree with twist lock.
3. Trunk with elastic supports and auscultation membranes, mounted on wooden base with folding hinge.
4. Removable healthy and fluorescent bronchial tree, with twist lock.
5. Removable pulmonary alveoli with membrane connection with twist lock.
6. Alarm tone generator.
7. Intubation tube
8. Silicone oil, 250 mL pressure spray bottle
9. Instructions for use