Somso® Broncho-Junior Trainer

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Somso® Broncho-Junior Trainer
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Pediatric bronchoscopy practice.

  • Simulates a 3 – 5 year old child
  • Can also be used for intubation practice
Life-sized, in plastic. Intubation trainers for pediatric and adult bronchoscopy, ICU and anesthesiology. The Broncho Boy family of mannequins presents specific solutions for learning and improving intubation skills in a wide range of hands-on teaching situations. The most recent addition to the group is Broncho Junior, a pediatric trainer with physical characteristics of a three-to five-yearold child.

Broncho Junior was designed and constructed with the following teaching goals in mind:
• Facilitate Introduction to flexible and rigid pediatric bronchoscopy
• Provide help in learning more advanced procedures, such as foreign body extraction and stent placement
• Help pediatric anesthesiology and ICU trainees to master naso- and oro-tracheal intubation while using the flexible bronchoscope as a guide

Components :
1. Head with ribcage
2. Movable fitted head with nasal cavity, mouth and throat
3. Larynx with removable bronchial tree
4. Chest cover
5. Sternum with auscultation membranes on right and left 6. Trunk with folding hinge mounted on baseboard
7. Silicone oil, 125 mL pressure spray bottle
8. Instructions for use