Wallcur® PRACTI-Saline Flush

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Wallcur® PRACTI-Saline Flush
Educational Materials Biology Educational Materials Physiology and Health Learning Activities
Made For Training

  • Contains No Medication
  • Pre-Filled Syringe
  • Safe For Use With Most Simulators
Wallcur's PRACTI-Saline Flush™ 3 mL syringe comes pre-filled with distilled water. The 3 mL PRACTI-Saline Flush is safe for manikins and simulators that accept liquid injection per the manufacturer's guidelines. Give your student hours of practice in clearing out intravenous, central, and arterial lines with Wallcur's PRACTI-Saline Flush 3 mL syringe.

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Caution: For Training Purposes only, not for Human or Animal use