Wallcur® PRACTI-Oral Medication for Training Purposes

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Wallcur® PRACTI-Oral Medication for Training Purposes
Educational Materials Biology Educational Materials Physiology and Health Learning Activities
Prelabeled and packaged.

  • Contains no medication
  • Multiple labels and styles available
  • Practice medication preparation and administration
Have your students practice preparation and administration of oral medications with these Wallcur simulated oral medications. Available in a mixture of presentations these capsules, tablets, and suspensions will help your students practice correct identification, and preparation for their patients. Teach your students to correctly calculate dosage, split tablets, and proper label identification skills.

Reading drug labels
Calculating normal dosages and determining drug actions and side effects
Opening and pouring meds from a variety of unit dosage packaging
Breaking scored tablets
Reconstituting powdered medication
Asepsis while preparing, pouring, and administration
Practicing the Six Rights of administration

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Caution: For training purposes only, not for human or animal use.