Wallcur® PRACTI-Vials

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Wallcur® PRACTI-Vials
Educational Materials Biology Educational Materials Physiology and Health Learning Activities
Have A Variety On Hand For Skills Training

  • Contains No Medication
  • Prefilled With Distilled Water
  • Clear And Tinted Vials Available
  • Safe For Use With Most Simulators
Teach your students the skills necessary for using all sizes of vials. These generically labeled vials are pre-filled with distilled water, so are safe to use with most simulators and injection trainers. Early training with generic vials will build confidence in your students as they prepare to work with specifically labeled vials latter in your nursing, EMS, or Pharm tech training program.

These Vials are great for teaching the following:
Small or large vial handling dexterity techniques
Aseptic precautions specific to specifically sized vials
Air pressure changes / air replacement technique
Multiple small dose calculations
Fractional dosage measurement

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Caution: For Training Purposes only, not for Human or Animal use