Wallcur® PRACTI-Suture/Staple Removal Pad

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Wallcur® PRACTI-Suture/Staple Removal Pad
Educational Materials Biology Educational Materials Physiology and Health Learning Activities
Small And Simple Practice Pad

  • Sutures And Staples Are Pre-Loaded
  • Pad Can Be Re-Used
Teach your students on the best practices for removing suture and staples with the new PRACTI-Suture/Staple Removal Pad. Among the many methods for closing wounds of the skin, stitching, or suturing, is the most common form of repairing a wound. Removing sutures and stitches is a procedure that many students dread. Understanding the various skin-closure procedures and what to expect when they are removed can help overcome much of this anxiety. Wallcur's new PRACTI-Suture/Staple Removal Pad is 2" x 2" and comes with 4 staples and 4 sutures ready for removal practice.

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Caution: For Training Purposes only, not for Human or Animal use