Dual Axis 'Smart' Solar Tracker

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470234-656EA 281.05 CAD
Dual Axis 'Smart' Solar Tracker
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Create your own computer controller dual axis solar tracker in under and hour, using only a screw driver.

  • Our step by step directions make building this project easy
  • Provided with the code to upload to the tracker
  • Modify our code or create your own
The sun is awesome, and so is solar electric power generation. Unfortunately for solar panels, the sun moves. To counter this you can make a tracker that follows the sun and allows for even greater energy production.

This kit includes two micro servos, four sensors, an Arduino Uno, custom Arduino Shield, custom sensor mount, custom laser cut wood, and a whole lot of screws. By popular request we designed this project to be non soldering, and all you'll need are some screw driver to build the body.

The kit also comes with a 6V 200mA solar cell and an LED Volt Meter. This allows for data collection on solar output.