biOrb® Heat And Light Accessories

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biOrb® Heat And Light Accessories
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Improve Your biOrb® Aquaria.

  • Upgrade your older models
  • Expand the types of fish you can keep
A wider selection of fish can be kept by converting the aquarium to tropical. To do this the water needs to be warmed by an aquarium heater. The biOrb® Heater Pack contains a 50 W standard aquarium heater capable of heating the water in any biOrb® up to 16 gallons/60 L. A Heater Stand is also supplied that enables the heater to be fitted securely onto the curved surface of the biOrb®. It is also important to monitor the temperature of the aquarium with a thermometer. An accurate glass thermometer is supplied in the biOrb® Heater Pack. There is a lead from the Heater which needs to be plugged into a main power outlet and there is a section in all of the biOrb® lights which allows the lead to pass out of the biOrb® neatly. If necessary the extension cable allows you to extend either the power cable from your light or air pump.

Replacement lights are available for your older biOrb® tanks. Choose from either the classic LED to illuminate your aquarium with white light, or the MCR LED which allow you to choose between 16 different colors. The MCR LED also allows you to program color cycling or day/night cycles simulating daylight and moonlight. Large sized fixtures are for aquaria over 30 L, and small are below 30 L. If you already have a light and need to replace your older bulbs replacements are available with the 5 W matching your 15 L aquaria, and the 10 W for the larger sizes.