biOrb® Aquarium Replacement Parts

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biOrb® Aquarium Replacement Parts
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Original Parts From biOrb®.

Sooner or later even the best parts need to be replaced. For you biOrb®, only originals will work so we have them for you. biOrb® transformers are very reliable and rarely need replacing. These 12 V transformers are the power source for your barb's air pump and light. Suitable for all sizes of biOrb® aquariums.

The air pump on your biOrb® works very hard, 24 hours a day and like all mechanical parts will eventually wear out. You may notice that the pump becomes noisier or the bubbles less vigorous. At which point it may be time to replace your air pump. Replacing the air pump is simply a case of unplugging the old one and plugging in the new. Simple instructions are supplied. If your air pump stops working replace it as soon as you can to minimize interruption to the filtration. It is advisable to keep a spare air pump so that if it stops you can replace it right away. If the bubbles have stopped it may not be the air pump, but could be the airline, or air stone. Suitable for all sizes of biOrb® aquariums. The biOrb® Airline with One Way Valve comes complete with airline attached so you can easily replace your existing biOrb® airline if needed.

If you need a little extra length for either your air pump, or light, the extension cable is just what you need. The cable inserts between the plug and either the air pump or the light. It will not work with the heater.

Replacement bubble tubes for the biOrb® aquarium. Please be sure to compare with your existing tube, as tube sizes vary. The medium bubble tube is suitable for 8 gallon/30 L biOrbs. The medium bubble tube height is 8.75"/22 cm. The biOrb® Bubble Tube is used to replace your existing bubble tube and can be easily install LED if needed. The small bubble tube is suitable for 4 gallon/15 L biOrbs. The small bubble tube height is 6.38"/16 cm.

The biOrb® Bubble Tube Cleaner is a tool designed exclusively for your biOrb® to expertly clean the inside and outside of your bubble tube which is located in the center of your biOrb®. The bubble tube guard is a clear cap which fits on the top of the bubble tube to prevent objects and fish from getting into the bubble tube, located in the center of your biOrb® aquarium. Holes in the cap allow bubbles to come out. It is very rare that a fish would go into the bubble tube; however some fish like to try and squeeze themselves into the most unlikely places. Should one of your fish enjoy this behavior we have the bubble tube guard to keep them safe.