biOrb® Air Terrarium Parts

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biOrb® Air Terrarium Parts
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Don't Forget Your Maintenance Parts.

  • Specifically for biOrb® air
The Tool Set is specially designed for pruning of your plants in your biOrb® AIR. It includes stainless steel tools, a bent nose scissor and tweezers set, and a black faux leather case.

The Coir Compost is a treated and sterilized growth medium ideal for cultivating plant roots in the biOrb® AIR. The compost is made from cocopeat which is a renewable resource. One block is enough for a single biOrb® AIR.

The Misting Unit is capable of producing a misting volume of 200ml/h. The biOrb® AIR Misting Unit is designed to be used with biOrb® Humidimist for proper performance. The green capillary matting is made from PP, PET and viscose it is a traditional capillary mat combining good capillary action and plenty of water storage capacity for sub-irrigation.

The air filter cartridge is an open cell reticulated polyether based polyurethane foam, which has been post treated with activated carbon. No handling of activated carbon is needed offering a mess free experience. It is recommended to change the air filter cartridge every six months for optimum performance.

The Humidimist pack includes specially formulated remineralized water with low conductivity and reduced minerals to prevent precipitation in your biOrb® AIR. Includes four, 16.9 fl. oz. bottles, three with cap tops and one with a spray top. This reliable 24V transformer rarely needs replacing but is very simple to install. The power source for the biOrb® AIR, and can not be used with other biOrb® products.