OHAUS® Heavy Duty Vortex Mixer

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470235-370EA 89.75 CAD
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OHAUS® Heavy Duty Vortex Mixer
Shakers Vortex Mixers
Designed for Continuous Duty Applications.

  • LED displays for speed and time
The OHAUS Digital Heavy-Duty Vortex Mixer is ideal for applications that demand repeatable results. Mixer features touchpad controls and LED displays for accurate speed (rpm) and time (minutes and seconds) results. The heavy-duty design and efficient motor allow this mixer to operate in continuous duty and handle all accessories over the entire speed range. Choose from two modes of operation- "Touch" mode for mixing tubes when cup head or Universal Holder with cover is depressed, or "On" mode when using any of the accessory attachments for continuous operation. Microprocessor control maintains set speed for strong, consistent mixing action. Timer will display elapsed time or, when programmed to user defined time limits, the unit will shut off when time reaches zero.

Operating Features: Microprocessor Control-The variable speed microprocessor control provides consistent uniform mixing action. LED Display-Touch pad controls with easy-to read, independent LED displays for speed and time allow operator to view both settings at once. Provides repeatable and accurate results every time and is easily visible across lab benches. Timer will display elapsed time or, when programmed to user defined limit, will shut off unit when time reaches zero. Display will show last used settings, even after power has been turned off.

Operating Conditions: Unit can be run in conditions from 4 to 40 °C (39 to 104 °F), 20 to 85% relative humidity, non-condensing.

Ordering information: Mixer includes a cup head, universal holder with cover, foam microtube insert for (38) 1.5 to 2.0 mL microtubes, and a detachable, 3-wire cord and specified plug.