Ward's® Sterile, Disposable Cell Spreaders

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Ward's® Sterile, Disposable Cell Spreaders
Spreaders Cell Spreaders
Smooth-edged spreaders are excellent for spreading cultures and liquids without unwanted cutting, scraping, or gouging of agar during inoculation.

  • Available in multiple shapes and sizes
  • Autoclavable
  • Smooth, rounded edges prevent damage to culture or media
  • Pre-sterilized, no flaming required
L-Shape: Ideal for spreading bacteriological cultures evenly. The shape allows the user to rotate and apply easily throughout an entire round plate or dish. They are made of ABS plastic.

T-Shape: Allows even pressure to be applied across the entire span of the 34 mm spreading surface. Designed for spreading and dispersing liquids across the surface of agar culture plates. They are made of ABS plastic.

Triangle Shape: These have a grooved handle that improves grip and orientation. Made of polypropylene, and available in two different tip-sizes.