Venous Bleu Venipuncture Trainer

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Venous Bleu Venipuncture Trainer
Models Human Biology Models
"Venous Bleu" offers 30% more vein area for practice. The skin and blue shaded vein now include our VesSealâ„¢ coating to endure more needle sticks. This trainer, like "Venous" before, provides realistic blood flashback, but now, "Venous Bleu" visibly represents the natural arm vein better than any other products on the market.

It can be attached to a standardized patient as well as a mannequin. It can be positioned on different parts of arm and hand to simulate various points of entry. A hard backing still exists to prevent unwanted needle puncture. "Venous Bleu" has replaceable parts and is an economical option for simulating basic venipuncture and IV administration skills.

Venous Bleu has been improved in over 10 aspects compared to the previous "Venous" trainer. Improvements were made with regard to function and aesthetics with improved design.