Colleen Cervical Procedure Trainer

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Colleen Cervical Procedure Trainer
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Practice cervical exams on your laerdal manikin.

Remedy‚Äôs simulation training product, Colleen, can be used for the simulation of cervical procedures including pap smears, colposcopies and biopsies. The tissue has a realistic feel, and the vagina is soft and elastic allowing for use with a speculum. Vaginal depth can be changed simply by moving the cervix closer or further from the opening.

Ordering information: Includes four removable cervixes - one normal and three with pathology that can be biopsied. Colleen can be used as a catheterization trainer as well (bladder sold separately). "Colleen" fits into existing Laerdal manikins and task trainers. Torso not included. Not sized for 3G series or later manikins.