Ward's True North® Mini Coolers

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470306-946EA 466.9 CAD
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Ward's True North® Mini Coolers
Coolers Benchtop Coolers
Protect temperature-sensitive samples at the bench or in the freezer.

  • Polycarbonate construction with rubber non-slip feet
  • Gridded and keyed lid with one position for easy sample identification
  • Tube adapters 0.5 ml supplied as standard with the 0.5 to 2.0 ml tube size versions
Ward's Mini Coolers are ideal for keeping PCR reagents, enzymes, and other biochemical reagents cool while working at the bench. With many different sizes and variations available, there is sure to be a cooler that will fit your laboratory needs. Gel filled lids are filled with a non-toxic self-insulating gel for even better storage while on the benchtop.