Ward's® Build Your Own Insect Net

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Ward's® Build Your Own Insect Net
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Customize your own insect net, or replace existing parts.

  • Hardwood or aluminum handles
  • Zinc-plated steel rings are corrosion-resistant
  • Nets are 550 µm mesh
  • Aquatic and non-aquatic options
  • Options for younger students to adults
If you are looking for a specific net combination, or just looking to expand your collection net options, these components are just what you need. For over 60 years the Ward's component net system has been a favorite of teachers and collectors alike. Now you can build a net in your own custom configuration. Each net is made of three components: a handle, a ring, and a specific style of net.

The Student Handle is a lower cost option and compatible with a 10" student ring or 12" student ring. It is shorter and lighter than the professional handle, making it perfect for smaller hands and inexperienced users. It does not have a protective finish, so it’s not recommended for aquatic collection. The professional handle is made of varnished wood and is compatible with a 12" round ring, 12" D-ring, or 15" D-ring. A glossy finish makes it suitable for aquatic collection. It has a larger diameter than the student handle. The student handle and professional handle both utilize pings on the ring and a retaining ring to ensure a strong collection handle. The aluminum handle is the most durable and is compatible with the 12" screw ring and 15" screw ring. It utilizes a screw-on ring. The ring attaches using a single bolt. This connection is incredibly strong and is best for sweeping and beating use. The handle has a rubberized grip on the end for a secure hold and is hollow to ensure lightweight use.

Rings are available in three sizes: 10, 12, and 15". Rings for the student handle are constructed of a smaller diameter rod, so student and professional rings are not interchangeable. Please use student and professional rings with the same handle. Student and professional rings are mounted where the handle is grooved and drilled to hold the ring. Student rings have a 0.2" diameter rod and professional rings have a 0.26" diameter rod. Screw-on rings will only attach to the aluminum handle. Screw rings have rings that are joined with a bolt that threads into the pole. Screw rings have a 0.26" diameter rod. Most rings are round, and the size reflects the diameter of the ring. The 'D' rings are flattened on one side, and the size reflects the length of the flattened side. D-Rings are intended for aquatic applications.

Nets are typically designed for a collection type. The basic insect nets have a long body designed for aerial sweeping. The heavier abuse of sweeping undergrowth requires more material and less 'net'. The shallower nets, like the domed and skimming types, are designed for aquatic sampling and contain a grommet to allow for drainage while collecting. Size references for each net reflect the largest ring size they should be used with. Nets will fit smaller rings if desired but will have folds. Nets are made of muslin.