Ward's® Skimming Net

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470308-234CS 723.55 CAD
Ward's® Skimming Net
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Easy Stream Side Collection.

  • Component assembly
  • Crafted for multiple uses
  • Easy to use
The Ward's skimming net systeThe Ward's skimming net system is easy to use, and flexible of the future. The Ward's professional handle is 47" long, giving you a long reach into a stream, or from a boat. The wood handle is strong and gloss finished to help resist water absorption.

The net and ring connect using our unique component system of pins and a marine grade brass retaining ring. The net easily slides onto the ring using a muslin sleeve and contains a drainage grommet to minimize water retention. The net itself is about 7" deep while on 12" diameter ring providing enough depth to capture organisms while retaining maneuverability.

Accessories information: Replacement rings and nets can also be seen on our "Build Your Own Insect Net" page.