Ward's® Protist Observation PetriSlides

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470304-592 470305-016
Ward's® Protist Observation PetriSlides
Slides and Cover Glasses Chamber Slides
Place a sample in the well of the PetriSlide with a transfer pipette, and you're ready to view under the scope.

  • Protect sample integrity during microscopic examination
  • Frosted marking area for sample labeling
  • Ideal for field sampling and viewing of protists or other small aquatic specimens
  • PetriSlides are available in bulk or as an observation set
  • Observation set includes 5 PetriSlides and 20 plastic transfer pipettes
These PetriSlides are ideal for field sampling, or viewing of protists, algae and other small aquatic specimens. The rectangular base fits any microscope stage. An air-tight inner cover ring does not interfere with sample viewing. Identify samples by writing on frosted area on base of unit. PetriSlides are not meant for long-term sample storage.