Eckman Grab Tall Kit

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Eckman Grab Tall Kit
Samplers Water Samplers
This is the grab to choose for soft, finely divided littoral bottoms that are free from vegetation, such as sticks and decayed leaves (or with short, erect vegetation only). Also suitable for intermixtures of sand, stones, and other coarse debris.

  • Scoops overlap to reduce sample loss
  • Safe, reliable closing mechanism
  • Lightweight yet stable due to wide base
  • Center pivot for low bottom disturbance
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Extension handles replace messengers in shallow water
  • Heavy-duty springs on tall and large versions
The specialized function of this dredge is the taking of quantitative and qualitative samples of macroscopic bottom fauna to determine the productivity of soft bottoms, particularly those composed of finely divided muck, mud, ooze, submerged marl, and fine peaty materials. Versatile and durable, it is suited for preliminary as well as more precise observation. It is not recommended for rocky or sandy bottoms or moderate macrophyte growth because small pebbles or macrophyte stems prevent proper jaw closure.

Two thin, hinged overlapping lids on top open during descent to let water pass through. They close during retrieval and are held shut by water pressure to reduce washout. The closing springs easily unhook from their loaded position for safe handling during transportation and storage.

An important and distinguishing feature of the Wildco® design is the messenger-operated Twin-pin™ scoop release mechanism. This release is very reliable, has few working parts, and is the best of its type in the field. To operate, attach to a line and pass through the trip mechanism. Set the springs over the knobs and pull the jaws completely apart. Lower the dredge until it rests on the bottom and send a messenger down the line, allowing the springs to close the scoops.

Delivery information: Kit includes Ekaman Grab Tall 6×6×9", 11 oz. messenger, 100' line, and case. Sampler and cases also available separately.