OperativeExperience® RealMom 2.0 Birthing Simulator

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OperativeExperience® RealMom 2.0 Birthing Simulator
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A birthing manikin for realistic vaginal delivery training.

  • Lifelike touch and feel
  • Fully integrated delivery experience
  • Includes instructor control tablet, interface and license
Childbirth is a precious moment for mother and baby, but when things go wrong a prepared delivery team can mean the difference between life and death. It's critical that your students train for, and are prepared for any eventuality in the labor and delivery room.

RealMom is a full term vaginal birthing simulator unlike any other in the market. The fully position able soft body allows for training in multiple birthing positions . The lifelike baby can be positioned to simulate a full range of deliveries including breech or shoulder dystocia and is compatible with forceps and vacuum assist deliveries. An accurate internal skeletal structure provides stable positioning, realistic landmarks, and a realistic birth canal.

Wireless control allows the instructor full control over the delivery including pacing, realistic contractions, dilation, bleeding rates, and control of monitor (simulated) vital signs for mother and baby.