OperativeExperience® C-Celia Cesarean Delivery Fetal Extraction Simulator

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OperativeExperience® C-Celia Cesarean Delivery Fetal Extraction Simulator
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Extremely realistic soft body simulator.

  • Soft bodied construction
  • Includes macrosomic baby and twin babies
  • Open (post C-section) abdomen simulator with integrated pressurized lubricant system to imitate a true-to-life experience for difficult fetal extractions at Cesarean deliveries
  • Post C-section: Low-transverse incision and uterus with a low transverse hysterectomy enable various extraction maneuvers and techniques including suction assist and forceps
  • Extremely durable material supports countless delivery trainings
  • Realistic anatomy enables hands-in-the-body simulation
Obstetric surgery skills and procedural training can be true-to-life with the C-Celia suite of birthing simulators. The material used in the simulator feels life-like (no hard plastics), is very durable and easy to clean. Fetal extraction methods to assist with the Cesarean delivery include manual delivery utilizing fundal pressure, vacuum assisted extraction, or forceps extraction. Difficult fetal presentations can be manually positioned by the instructor to simulate the fetal extraction scenario that needs to be trained by the obstetricians and the medical team. Common difficult C-section fetal extraction scenarios include cord prolapse, single footling breech, prolapsed arm, triple nuchal cord, or transverse lie.