Cardionics® Bionic Hybrid System

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Cardionics® Bionic Hybrid System
Models Human Biology Models
Learn Auscultation with a living patient.

  • Use with a simulator, manikin, or standardized patient
  • Ausculate, Record EKG, Measure Pulse
  • Washable
When worn by the standardized patient, the suit simulates physiological conditions to test diagnostic and procedural skills. It is controlled wirelessly with easy to use software and responds in real time to diagnosis and treatment with direct feedback.

Features 5-wire EKG connections, pulse points, optional blood pressure cuff accessory, as well as auscultation capabilities. Instructors can easily adjust and adapt the suit scenarios to fit many conditions wirelessly by using the SimScope™ Wi-Fi.

SimScope™ Wi-Fi and tablet included with system. Reusable and washable (30 °C), available in different sizes.

For Auscultation practice only, use a SimShirt. Similar to the Bionic Hybrid. The SimShirt uses the same technology for Auscultation points, but doesn't have the Pulse, blood pressure or EKG connections.