Shark Week Kits

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Shark Week Kits
Educational Classroom Kits and Activities
Teach fundamental concepts of genetic diversity and real world applications in marine biology.

Marine biologist have identified a new species of shark that washed up on the beach. In an attempt to learn as much about the shark as they can, they have decided to analyze the sharks stomach contents to identify its main food source.

Plasmid DNA is used to emulate the genetic diversity seen in biology. Four plasmid samples are included in the kit, one representing DNA from the main food source, and three for comparison against the unknown food DNA.

Kit I: Allows students to perform a restriction digest of four DNA samples and compare their sizes via agarose gel electrophoresis.

Ordering information: Equipment needed but not included: Heat block/water bath for restriction. Thermal cycler for PCR, microcentrifuge, vortex for sample preparation. Electrophoresis equipment/reagents including transilluminator/light box for analysis.

Delivery information: Kit includes perishable materials, please provide a delivery date at check-out. Kits contain reagents and instructions to download procedures.