Ward’s Pure Preserved Individual Dissections

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Ward’s Pure Preserved Individual Dissections
Specimens Preserved Specimens Preserved Animal Materials
Everything you need for individual student dissections, whether at home or school.

  • Select individual specimens
  • Individual dissection accessory bundle includes everything needed to perform multiple dissections
  • Digital dissection guides available for free with purchase
These dissection materials are perfect for remote learning or home schooling situations. Select desired specimens, and pair with the individual dissection accessory bundle to receive everything needed to perform multiple dissections. Specimens are Pure preserved specimens (unless otherwise indicated), which replaces the unpleasant formalin experience with a low odor solution that provides a uniquely safe, comfortable and high quality dissection experience.

Delivery information: The individual dissection accessory bundle includes 1 pair of goggles, 5 disposable aprons, 5 pairs of large disposable gloves, a 12×16" Styrofoam tray, and a basic dissection instrument kit containing a scalpel, forceps, scissors, dropper, ruler and T-pins in a plastic pouch.