Blue Phantom® Scrotal Ultrasound Trainer

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Blue Phantom® Scrotal Ultrasound Trainer
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Normal and pathological structures.

  • Use your own ultrasound system
  • Match the acoustic characteristics of real tissue
  • Performs well using any ultrasound imaging system
Blue Phantom®'s Scrotal ultrasound hands-on training model provides users an excellent training platform for teaching and learning how to perform scrotal ultrasound procedures using their own ultrasound system. This extremely life-like ultrasound phantom contains anatomically correct internal and external anatomy with both normal and pathological scrotal structures represented.

Excellent for training users to develop and practice patient setup, image acquisition, interpretation, and the psychomotor skills necessary to perform scrotal ultrasound exams. Gain proficiency in performing scrotal ultrasonography including identification of normal scrotal structures and pathology. And do it when you want, where you want, without the risk, inconvenience and expense of using human models.

Ordering information: These items cannot be returned if used. Please consult with your sales representitive before purchasing.