Justrite® ECO Funnels for Liquid Disposal Cans

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Justrite® ECO Funnels for Liquid Disposal Cans
Funnels Safety Funnels
The ECO Funnels for Justrite Safety Cans feature a latching lid with gasket to maintain an air-tight seal and keep fumes contained. A removable large particle filter catches stir bars or other items.

  • Minimize emissions from JUstrite® open waste containers
  • Cap for safe sealing when not in use
  • Large particle filter catches stir bar and large debris
  • Constructed of chemically resistant HDPE
Durable HDPE funnel on top of a Justrite® container provides a wider, strategically placed opening at the funnel top, which facilitates controlled pouring without the risk of a spill. Once the ECO Funnel® lid is closed it will reduce evaporation of hazardous waste.

Designed to work with the Justrite container, innovative ECO funnels give users increased control and decreased chance of spills when pouring hazardous liquids. All funnels are FM approved and equipped with a flame arrestor.