Covered Cadaver Carriers, Mortech®

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Covered Cadaver Carriers, Mortech®
Covered carriers allow for the discreet removal and transport of cadavers

The carrier gives the illusion of being a standard empty gurney while concealing the cadaver beneath a specially fabricated cover. An easily removable, sturdy, lightweight aluminum top frame holds the machine washable, cotton blackout cover in place. The body frame and cadaver tray are constructed of heavy gauge stainless steel. Carriers feature four 20.3cm (8") casters, all with brake mechanism. They can be elevated up to 97.8cm (381/2") by using a hand crank on the standard carrier or a foot pedal on the hydraulic carrier. The hydraulic carrier also features a single foot pedal to instantly lock all four wheels.

Ordering information: The standard model may be equipped with options such as a one-location wheel lock or a lever-controlled directional caster for easier steering. Contact your VWR sales representative for more information.