ThermoSafe® Medical Specimen Transporter Totes, Sonoco ThermoSafe

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ThermoSafe® Medical Specimen Transporter Totes, Sonoco ThermoSafe
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Medical transporter totes for on-site collection, storage, and transportation of temperature-sensitive specimens, organs, medications, and medical devices.

  • For on-site collection and specimen transport
  • Durable and washable insulated carriers
  • Validated for temporary storage
Totes are made of durable, washable and weather-resistant nylon, with a stain- and odor-resistant expanded polypropylene (EPP) insulated interior

Non-qualified small and large locking totes are for short-term storage and transport of temperature-sensitive tissues, serums, cultures, organs, vaccines, medical devices, and other specimens. Ideal for field samples. Totes include rigid, removable polyethylene liner for easy clean-up and durability, and rigid thermoformed tray that can be removed, washed, and reused. Also feature adjustable carrying strap and zipper lock closure. Blue exterior is printed with standard biohazard symbol.

Non-qualified Duo-Temp locking tote is for transport of diagnostic and clinical specimens. Includes removable 0.34kg (12oz.) U-tek® refrigerant gel pack held in place by mesh sleeve sewn into lid. Two individual temperature compartments can be created by using refrigerant pack on one side only and using fold-out partition to separate specimens. Lightweight, rugged tote also features built-in lock, two keys, zipper closure, sewn-in hasp for tamper-evident seal attachment, adjustable carrying strap, and biohazard symbol print on exterior. It is also available with a 24-vial foam pad insert that holds 5-15mL vials.

Totes feature removable heavy-duty grip adjustable handle, retractable wheels, extra space for ice and gel packs, side loading clear plastic document holder, and lightweight, ergonomic design. Equipped with five disposable 4mL polyester bags.

Certifications: Totes are ISC Labs validated for temporary storage and transport, and conform with 21 CFR, Part 600.15.