Basic™ 47 and Basic 70 Laboratory Hoods, Labconco®

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30140-224EA 11128.05 CAD
30152-610 30140-242 30140-238 30140-220 30152-612 30140-216 30140-236 30140-214 30140-230 30140-224 30152-518 30140-204 30140-200 30152-562 30140-222 30140-228 30140-234 30140-218 30140-202 30140-206 30140-244 30140-232 30140-240 30140-226 30140-208 30140-210
Basic™ 47 and Basic 70 Laboratory Hoods, Labconco®
Fume Hoods and Enclosures Chemical Fume Hoods
The Basic™ hood is ideal for rooms with ceilings below 2.4 m, 8" and for shallow countertops.

  • Blowers Available
  • Safety Glass
  • Steel Construction
  • Vapor-Proof, Incandescent Light Fixture
The hood is furnished with a 0.5 cm (3/16") thick safety glass and a 25.4 cm (10") dia

The hood is available with or without a blower, which can be mounted in or above the hood or on the roof. A 1/3 hp motor is included with Basic 47 hoods that have a blower (except 30152-610 and 612, which have a 1/2 hp motor). Basic 70 hoods with a blower have a 3/4 hp motor.

duct collar. The interior and exterior are constructed of glacier-white, epoxy-coated, 16-gauge steel. The hood includes a removable front panel, a removable air foil, a two-piece adjustable baffle, and a vapor-proof, incandescent light fixture. The right-side fixture panel is factory prepared to accept up to three service fixtures, one duplex electrical receptacle, and a Guardian air monitor. The right, interior side wall is factory prepared for one wall-mounted cup sink with a turret, and the hood liner top is constructed for two customer-supplied apparatus rods.

Certifications: The 115V models are ETL and ETL-C listed; 230V models are CE marked.

Ordering information: A work surface and base cabinet or stand are required for operation (all sold separately). A service fixture, receptacle, Guardian monitor, cup sink, and turret kits are also available. For unassembled Basic hoods, please contact your VWR sales representative. Switches, electrical wiring, and connections are not included with explosion-proof units. Wiring and switches must be added after installation. Field-installed electrical wiring of explosion-proof units is not provided.




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