VWR Life Science HistoChoice® Tissue Fixative

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VWRVH102-1000ML VWRVH112-30ML
97060-930EA 116.19 CAD
97060-930 97060-958
VWR Life Science HistoChoice® Tissue Fixative
Stains Microscopy and staining reagents
HistoChoice® tissue fixative directly replaces common fixatives including formalin-based, alcohol-based, Zenker's, B5, and Bouin's fixatives. It is safer to use, gentle on tissues and the environment, and can be used in sequence with other fixatives.

  • No crosslinking of tissues as with formalin-based fixatives
  • Minimizes disposal and compliance costs
  • Available with or without alcohol
  • A safe, non-toxic fixative—contains no formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde or mercury
HistoChoice® tissue fixative preservative characteristics make it more effective than standard formaldehyde-based products, yielding vibrant staining and consistent results, even after long-term fixation. It also preserves tissue integrity, eliminating the need for marker recovery procedures. It is versatile and optimal for use in histopathology, cytology, histochemistry, immunohistochemistry, and molecular pathology.

Tissue fixative is economical to use as it does not require additional reagents for recovery procedures, unlike formalin-based fixatives. It also eliminates the need for expensive ventilation systems and reduces disposal costs. It is compatible with manual and automated processing procedures and equipment.

Tissue fixative is available in bulk and in prefilled cups for a safe, convenient solution to on-site tissue collection and transport. The wide mouth, pre-labeled cups are ideal for use in doctors' offices, operating rooms, emergency rooms, and outpatient clinics. Fixative 97060-930 is a two-component 20x concentration. Fixative 97060-982 is a low pH formulation.