MEDICA® Water Purification Systems, ELGA LabWater

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CA89204-140EA 27873.78 CAD
89204-126 89204-130 CA89204-140 CA89204-136 CA89204-134 89204-140 CA89204-130 89204-138 CA89204-444 CA89204-126 89204-136 89204-444 CA89204-138 89204-134
MEDICA® Water Purification Systems, ELGA LabWater
Water Purification Systems Pure and Ultra Pure Water Systems
The MEDICA® range are designed to provide water to clinical analyzers specified to Clinical Laboratory Reagent Water (CLRW) standard, ranging from 1.8 to 21 liters/min (depending on unit selected).

  • All MEDICA units have a bypass loop which continues to provide compliant water to the analyzer in emergency situations
  • Space saving design – Small footprint due to either wrap-around docking vessel for small units, or integral water storage reservoir
  • Guaranteed performance at all times through self monitoring software, easy system maintenance and emergency by-pass facility
  • Pure water ready to go – water specification is maintained in the reservoir by regular recirculation through the system’s purification process
Constructed from the highest quality components, the MEDICA range ensures bacterial control and optimal purity, as well as an uninterrupted workflow. Built-in technology results in predictable, low consumable and running costs with the highest water quality.

Accessories information: Additional accessories are available; contact your VWR representative for more information.

Ordering information: The MEDICA 7 and 15 systems include mandatory consumables for standard operation. A storage reservoir is required for this system to operate; these are sold separately. The MEDICA Pro 30, 60 and 120 require a start-up kit (89204-380) which needs to be ordered separately. Also available for this system are the e-cartridge upgrade kit, DI pack (89204-382), and castors. The MEDICA R200 requires external SDI cylinder.

Please speak to your VWR representative to determine the correct unit for your requirements.





Item # Description Unit Availability Price Quantity
CA89204-358 Hydrophobic Microporous Vent Filter, Bacteria Centra
Each Retrieving
CA89204-464 Carbon Filter, 20"
Each Retrieving
CA89204-450 Filter Housing, 10"
Each Retrieving
CA89204-460 Filter Housing, 20"
Each Retrieving


Services: ELGA LabWater provides several service options such as Extended Warranty, Installation, Preventative Maintenance, and Validation. To learn more about these services please search "Elga Water Technical Service" in the VWR search field.

In addition, VWRCATALYST™ can provide an array of services such as on-site IQ, OQ, PQ, Customized Protocol Generation, Equipment Calibration, Asset Management, and Certification Services (US only). Please call 888-793-2300 or email VWRCATALYST™ for further details.