20 W Fiber-Optic Illuminator Power Supply

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SG470 ECO20
470021-758EA 251.45 CAD
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20 W Fiber-Optic Illuminator Power Supply
Power Supplies
High-Intensity Lighting from Low-Watt Light Source

Direct 20 watts of bright halogen illumination exactly where you need it with this Fiber-Optic Illuminator and the available light guides. Easy to use and portable, it’s an economical alternative to other, more expensive illuminators. Simply plug a light guide into the top of the unit and direct it toward your subject; it can even be used for microvideo work. It features all-metal housing with cooling vents and an on/off switch, 110 VAC with a 5' 2" three-wire cord. Size: 61/2"L x 2 3/4"W x 23/4"H.

Single Light Guide
Long and narrow, on a flexible metal conduit that holds its shape, this light guide, which plugs into the Fiber-Optic Illuminator, concentrates the halogen illumination exactly where you need it. Size: 18"L.

Dual Light Guide
For even more versatility, the Dual Light Guide plugs into the Fiber-Optic Illuminator and splits the powerful halogen illumination, allowing you to direct two light beams at different parts of your subject. Size: 18"L.