Clinical Centrifuge

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14959 70C
470160-782CS 403.89 CAD
Clinical Centrifuge
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This advanced model allows for blood separations at 3100 rpms and for other fluid separations at lower G-forces as well as the centrifugation of urine specimens as outlined by C.L.I.A. regulations.

Features include 30 minute timer, on/off switch with indicator light, and one-piece metal housing. For your safety, a locking lid is equipped with a safety switch that causes the centrifuge to turn off when the lid is lifted and a high impact plastic view port that allows for observation of samples and strobing for speed calibrations. Variable speed control features 10 settings ranging from 0 - 3,100 rpm. Capacity: eight 2 - 15mL tubes. 110/220 VAC. Size: 26 x 33 x 33cm.

Disposable Centrifuge Tubes The economical, gamma-irradiated tubes are meant to be used once andthrown away. Ideal for sterile tissue culturing and microbiology procedures. With screw-on tops. Graduated in 0.5 mL increments to 15 mL. 120 mm. Available to US customers only.