Diagnosis: You Are The Doctor Activity Guide

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Diagnosis: You Are The Doctor Activity Guide
Educational Classroom Kits and Activities
Students become doctors with this medical diagnosis activity kit.

  • Students Research Diseases and Recommend Treatments
  • Teacher-Developed Kit
  • Links To Real-World Concepts
  • Estimated Lab Time: 45 Minutes
  • Manual Provided
With Diagnosis: You Are the Doctor, students work in groups to diagnosis one of 21 patients. Each patient has a different disease. Students examine the symptoms and select what tests are to be run on their patient. Armed with the test results, a disease info chart, and a mini "per," the groups attempt to determine the disease and recommend a path of treatment.

Finally, each group is required to present their case before a review panel (the teacher and the rest of the class).

Ordering information: This kit includes a manual, a binder, and patient folders.