Dual Magnifier

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Nature Center / non-formal educator / Ruskikn, FL
No, I didn't recommend
We bought these several years ago for our nature center program. They were fine at first but over time they started getting blurry and no amount of cleaning seemed to stop it. It may be unbreakable but if you can't see through it, what good is it?
BOREAL.com associate Published 06/19/2019
We apologize that our product did not meet your expectations. Unfortunately, most transparent plastic products over time will become cloudy due to use, scratching, and oxidation of the plastic. I would like to suggest using olive oil to clean the lenses; if they are not badly scratched this should do the trick. You may also want to consider glass magnifiers which will not cloud and can be cleaned with an ordinary glass cleaner.
470016-340EA 8.05 CAD
Dual Magnifier
The perfect tool for investigation

Use this dual 3X/6X plastic magnifier to get a closer look at the world around you. Economically priced, this plastic magnifier is virtually unbreakable, and the dual magnificataion makes this a perfect tool for any investigation. The handheld magnifier features a 3X lens that is 4.5cm in diameter and a 6x lens that is 1.7cm in diameter. The overall length is 11.5cm.