Ecology Simulation CD-ROM

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Ecology Simulation CD-ROM
Virtual Lab Experiments and Video Voyages In a Variety Of Ecosystems

From the Grand Canyon to the rainforest, this CD-ROM guides you on a journey of diverse biomes, where you can student predator and prey relationships, habitats, niches, and more. A series of hands-on science simulations allow students to perform hundreds of lab experiments involving infectious diseases, ocean ecosystems, weather forecasting, and scientific inquiry. Five video adventures are also provided to further explore ecological topics. And, you can test student knowledge with assesment on the activities which focus on building critical learning skills. Launch your new lesson with a ready-made slide show or help students create their own presentations with the Multimedia Studio. An updated World Book Encyclopedia is included for student research and reference. System Requirements:System Requirements:Mac: G3 processor or higher, OS 8.6 or higher, 64 MB RAMWindows: Windows 98/SE/NT4/ME/2000/XP, 64 MB RAM