Economy Wimshurst Machine

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Economy Wimshurst Machine
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Electricity/Magnetism Learning Activities
The durable Wilmshurst Machine is made for years of use.

  • Ideal for Classroom Education
  • Plastic and Aluminum Sheet Plates Featured
  • Two Leyden Jars Act as Condensers
  • Sturdy Base Secures Machine
The Electrostatic Wimhurst Generator consists of two 9 3/4" dia. circular plastic plates, which are rotated in opposite directions by a drive belt mechanism. Includes two Leyden jar condensers made from Corning glass and aluminum foil. The unit is mounted on a sturdy ABC base. It stands 15" tall and generates up to 75,000 volts!

A belt drives two high-resistance plastic and aluminum sheet plates, which are supported in two rigid uprights, in the opposite direction.

Two Leyden jars, made from glass and aluminum foil, act as condensers. All items are anchored on a sturdy base.