Estwing Crack Hammers

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B3-2LB B3-4LB
470144-646CS 301.4 CAD
470144-646 470144-452
Estwing Crack Hammers
Powerful Hammers Break Rocks or Crack Specimens Easily.

  • Solid steel construction
  • Nylon shock resistant grip
Long regarded as the finest in lapidary and field tools. Estwing hammers have a strong, solid steel I-beam construction that virtually eliminates the risks of the head loosening or the handle breaking as might occur with other models. The grip provides deep, comfortable cushioning that makes the tool easier to hold and absorbs more shock, which is especially valuable to those who use hammers for extended periods of time.

Large, flat striking surfaces provide a good balance for driving chisels. The heavier weight and compact size provide added power, yet the hammers are still easy to handle. Painted finish; nylon-vinyl cushion grip.