Flex-Tanks and Covers

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470007-520EA 24.05 CAD
470007-520 470112-518 470007-518 470112-522 470112-520 470021-324
Flex-Tanks and Covers
Animal Supplies Animal Cages
Versatile Flex-Tanks and covers may be used as aquariums, terrariums, or critter chambers.

  • Vented Cover for 1 or ½ gal. Tanks
  • Two Cover Options for 1½ gal. Tank
  • Versatile
  • Not autoclavable
  • Made of thermo plastic
Tanks do not crack or break. The ½ gallon and 1 gallon tanks feature a vented cover.

A choice of a dome cover with a dial vent or a standard vent cover is available with the 1½ gallon tank.