Ward's® Introduction to Biotechnology: DNA Extraction Lab Activity

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Ward's® Introduction to Biotechnology: DNA Extraction Lab Activity
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Examine the physical properties of onion DNA.

Easily extract the DNA from a large onion to view its macromolecular structure. A macromolecular solution, which has similar characteristics to DNA, is also included for comparison of long, linear-chain molecules. The class-size activity comes with everything you need to perform the lab but an onion. The demonstration size comes with an onion lysate already prepared. The lab activity may be completed in 15 minutes or less. The class size comes with enough materials for six setups, a teacher’s guide, and student copymaster.

Activity 1: 30 minutes.

Activity 2: 45 minutes.

Ordering information: Lab Activity includes 1 Jar of macromolecular solution, 4 Bottles of ethanol (30mL), 15 Test tubes, 1 Bottle of detergent/salt powder, 15 DNA spoolers, 15 Plastic pipets, and 1 package of cheesecloth.

Materials needed but not provided: ice water bath, hot water bath, beaker (500mL), and large onion.