Basic 47 and 70 Fume Hoods

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Basic 47 and 70 Fume Hoods
Fume Hoods and Enclosures Chemical Fume Hoods
Ideal for rooms with shallow countertops or ceilings below 8', these hoods are constructed of sturdy, epoxy-coated steel both inside and out.

Furnished with a 3/16" tempered safety glass counterbalanced sash and duct collar, the hoods ensure your students’ safety. A removable front panel and air foil, vapor-proof interior light, and two-piece adjustable baffle make for easy access and convenient use.

The right side fixture is factory prepared to accept up to three service fixtures, one duplex electrical receptacle, and air monitor. The side wall is factory prepared for a wall-mounted cupsink with turret. Hoods are available in two model types – Basic 47 Hoods with a 4' nominal width are designed as an individual lab station,

Basic 70 Hoods are 6' in width and spacious enough to accomodate numerous samples or workstations.

Both models are available with or without a blower. Blowers may be mounted in or above the hood, or on the roof. Basic 47 hoods that include a blower have a 3/4 hp motor.

Note: Worksurface, base cabinet, and blower are required for operation, and sold separately.

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