Open-end Resonance Tube Set

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Education / Teacher / Brampton Ontario
No, I didn't recommend
No instructions given. A 512 Hz fork has closed resonant lengths of about 17 cm and 50cm. The tubes have a range of 25 to 38cm, hence, the set is completely useless.
Reply associate Published 02/25/2019
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470002-042EA 28.4 CAD
Open-end Resonance Tube Set
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Waves and Oscillations Learning Activities
Used to investigate wavelength in air.

  • This simple apparatus clearly demonstrates the principles of resonance without requiring a water column or additional devices
Using the included 512 Hz tuning fork as a sound source, students find the point of loudest sound. By applying a constant end correction, the wave length in air is easily calculated from the combined overall length of the tube set. The tubes adjust from 25 to 38cm which will tune over a range of approximately 452 to 585 Hz at room temperature. A 50mm plug to close one end is also included.