Ward's® Preserved Rats

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troy, mi
Yes, I recommend
Rats are pleasantly preserved - I have bought preserved vacuum packed rats for the last few years for my freshmen classes. Love them!
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Ward's® Preserved Rats
Specimens Preserved Specimens Preserved Animal Materials
Formalin preserved rats. Available in vacuum packs or pails.

  • Mammalian anatomy
  • General dissection
  • High quality preservation
Our rat specimens are carefully preserved in an extended position and are mature subjects for students to examine fully developed animals, their organ systems, and their skeletal, muscular, and reproductive structures. We carry plain preserved, single, double, and triple injected rats. Injected rats are made without incisions in the neck, ensuring the specimens are intact. Sizes 7 to 9”.




Item # Grade Size Chemical/Physical Specifications Height Length Width Description Unit Availability Price Quantity
470233-546 Laboratory 19 L Handi-Pak - - - WARDSafe™
Hazardous Product
Each (19l) Retrieving Restricted
470016-918 - Standard - 4 cm 29 cm 19 cm Pan and Pad
Each Retrieving