Sedimentator™ with Teacher’s Guide

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Sedimentator™ with Teacher’s Guide
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Demonstrate Sediment Deposition in Rivers, Streams, and Lakes

Instead of using static diagrams in textbooks to show the processes of sedimentation and rock formation, let students shake and flip the Sedimentator tube, then watch the materials settle out instantly. Students can predict the order in which different sediments settle, classify the types of sediments, and observe how organic material becomes trapped in sedimentary layers and begins the fossilization process. When the tube is held horizontally and shifted, it stimulates different rates of water flow in a streambed, showing how fast water must flow to move the different types of sediments downstream. Each tube, made of heavy-duty plastic, comes preassembled, so there is setup, no cleanup, no wet sand, and no water mess. It also comes with a student activities booklet and teacher’s guide. Size: 10 1/2" long.