Spectrum Tubes

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Spectrum Tubes
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Optics Learning Activities
Spectrum Tubes demonstrate the wave properties of different gases.

  • Ideal for Wavelength Determination
  • For Introducing Students to Better-Known Gases
  • Glass Tube Length: 10"
  • Capillary Portion Length: 4"
  • Tubes Work in a Variety of Spectroscopic Applications
Ideal for wavelength determination and introducing students to the spectra of better-known gases, these glass tubes are 10" long, and the capillary portion is about 4" long. The spectrum tube assemblies can be used in a variety of spectroscopic applications.

When they are observed through a spectroscope, the emission lines corresponding to the energy transition levels of the gaseous atoms or molecules appear as distinct components. The Spectrum Tube Power Supply is required but not included.

Ordering information: The mercury spectrum tube contains mercury and may not be available for sale in your state. Contact customer service for details.